Rent a boat with a crew

Whether you want to sail in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean or Indonesian seas, crewed cruises promise you wonderful and serene odysseys… The rental of a private yacht with a member of the team will allow you to discover excellent landscapes and senses would not have been able to experience it by renting a prestigious villa on the Riviera. More informations: . In addition, on the boat, you do not lose any time of relaxation and you will be surrounded by attentive and efficient staff who will ensure that you have everything you need to ensure that your stay on your personal yacht reaches perfection.

Services and services on board a boat

Let’s say that the richest and most famous people prefer to rent a ship with crew rather than stay in a hotel room. This personalized vacation offers an unparalleled level of luxury, privacy and flexibility, combined with a breathtaking personalized service that includes even your personal chef and landscapes as far as the eye can see….the vacation of your dreams! Discover yacht chater destinations. Renting a luxury yacht is the freedom to preserve your solitude during a personalized holiday in absolute luxury. You are able to rent a luxury yacht in the world’s largest destinations. Everyone looks at their holidays in different ways and we are here to help you find the yacht that suits your desires. The choices are endless… you need a ship equipped with a superb selection of toys, jet-skiing and windsurfing and a wide assortment of equipment for thrills.

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