The crew on board a boat

Skipper, chef de cuisine… you didn’t dream of being pampered on board a sailboat? You are not required to attest to your skills or have sailed. Discover : . Deciding on a crewed cruise can be accessible to everyone. The formula is like putting your feet down when you eat meals on a cleaning stand to clean the painting. It looks a lot like a water holiday on a board that is full.

Rent a boat for the holidays

Every year, millions of French people plan their holidays as summer approaches. Far from tourism, boat rental offers the possibility to spend a holiday. Contrary to popular belief, staying a week on a ship is no more expensive than a holiday rental. Obviously, the cost will depend on the type of vessel, its size and age. Spending your holidays is like going on an adventure! Sailing off the coast provides a real sense of escape. Contact a professionnal for more informations about yacht for charter. Far from the tensions of the city, feel a certain independence and get closer to the components while drifting a sailboat. Plan your itinerary and find coves along your way and islands. If you are sailing for the first time, there are appropriate packages for the cruise, and if the destination is an important choice.


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